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Betty Barry – Dallas Texas

I had a fear of heights and flying all my life, and have missed some wonderful vacations, including 2 free trips to Europe. After my sessions with Robert Hudak I was able to make my first plane trip with no problem. I have since then, been to London, Canada and several other trips. I believe Robert Hudak made all this possible..

SPC Willie F E

Dear Robert,

Your therapy worked! I am very happy serving in the army now and I had No Problems at all in the blood lab! It worked!

 Thank You!!!

Diane Parker - Dallas, TX

My time spent with Robert Hudak and his staff was not only a very beneficial experience, but also a delightful one. I arrived at DHC with claustrophobia, panic and anxiety attacks (each one related to the other). I never rode in the back seat of a 2 door car, never rode in a crowded elevator, never put my head under water, never flew in a small plane without so much Valium that I would not even remember the trip and I certainly never got on a ride at an amusement park if I had to be locked in or tied down in any way, even though I knew it was for my own safety. Well, look at me now. This is not the picture of a person who is terrified of small places. A picture is worth 1000 words. Thanks Robert!

Sue Pfeel – Plano, Texas

“Thank you for helping me to overcome my fear of riding horses. Since falling twice from horses in the past six months, my fear has grown to the point of extreme anxiety and loss of self-confidence. After your magical hypnosis session, I rode Charlie for four hours without fear. I now know I can ride and enjoy it again. Between the weight loss and riding Charlie, I am a very happy lady. Thank you for your help.”


Marie Scammel.

Hi Robert,
I can’t believe what happened to me. Afraid?  Who’s Afraid? It was
a wonderful flight. I enjoyed it very much. I t was exactly like you told me.
I can’t believe I can fly without being scared. I looked out the window.
I meet a one of the players from the San Francisco 49ers, he sat next to me.

Stacy Wells

Thanks to you I am having a wonder vacation. For the first in my life I was able to fly without fear. Thanks to your hypnosis session. The water is beautiful and I am really able to enjoy myself the anxiety of being afraid to fly home. Thanks!

Dallas Hypnosis Center A Fear Free Flight.

“No Problem Mon”

Phil Lawson – Dallas, Texas

I have lost 26lb” of weight. I started at 188lb now I am at my target weight of 162lb. I have also had major migraine headaches for 42 years, but I have not had any for 8 months. Also I had claustrophobia for years but thanks to Robert Hudak all these great things have helped me live a lot better happier and healthier life and no medications at all. I am 61 years old. Thanks again Robert. I sure you can help anyone that wants to be helped.

Nancy Joyner

I had a great flight! It was nice to fly without gripping the armrest with
white knuckles. I actually smiled through it all!  Have had a wonderful time
 here. I felt as free as the seagulls flying over- a great feeling. I walked out on the
 pier and leaned over the side. I used to be afraid to do that anywhere. I can walk around a strange city- the first time in years and years.


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